Horse Prison Diaries // 15.07.17

4th Entry – 15.07.17 ( RELEASE DAY)

Dear Diary,

This will be our last entry as Missy has moved into her new bedroom!!


She came in from her night out with the girls and settled nicely onto the new yard.

She is the only girl onthe row of boys, so it caused quite a stir with all the boys wanting to get a good look at the new girl. Once her and her new neighbour on her right had a good squeal, everyone including Missy calmed down and tucked into their hay nets.


Throughout this whole moving process she has been as good as gold! I am so incredibly proud of her ♥♥♥♥ !

Thank you for following us on the start of our new journey, and although this is the last Horsey Prison Diary entry, keep checking back for our normal updates and progress.

Penny and Missy Signing Out.


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